About Me

Long story short, I am apart of the generation who grew up on fast processed foods. Getting sick was the regular. From constant UTIs, ear infections, strep throat, to the flu.

From my personal experience that also meant regularly being prescribed antibiotics, which were wreaking havoc on my immune system. I don’t know if it contributed to my irritable bowel syndrome but it certainly wasn’t helping my gut.

It wasn’t until one desperate visit to the emergency room when it felt like my stomach was going to burst, the doctor looked me in the face and said, “If you don’t change your diet, you won’t get any better”. Those words stuck with me and I decided to take control of my health ever since.

I’m Shakira and I previously suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I’m still healing from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My life goal is to promote holistic alternatives for recovery. I hope to learn as much as I can to inspire others to make the switch to a non-toxic lifestyle. NON-GMO, Organic and free of negative energy. For the longer version click, here. Peace.


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