Journey to Holistic Healing

yourownWhat is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Healing is simple. Rather than focusing on the ailment itself, holistic healing focuses on the whole person depending on their specific needs.

The reality of Conventional Medicine

When it comes to health care we expect to get the best and necessary care from whomever our provider is. In reality, if you’re not aware of your own condition and researching about it, you can be told anything and expected to believe it. Just think about the last time you went to the doctor. How long was the care you received? You were more than likely in the waiting room for an average of 10-15 mins. The doctor or nurse then comes in and check your stats, ie. blood pressure, pulse, respiration. They exit the room and then the wait begins. You wait for the doctor to come in and talk to you about whatever reason your there and this conversation last no more than 5 minutes if your lucky. The examination begins and ends just as fast as it started. Then another wait? By then you’ve been there for almost an hour and finally a prescription is given and your sent on your merry way.

My experience with “alternative medicine”

My journey to holistic healing started when I realized I was NOT getting the answers to my questions or receiving the care I would have liked from my physician. One thing I hate more than waiting, is not being told the truth. With all the side effects with medication I didn’t take the “normal” route when it came to healing my IBS. Instead I found that drinking raw ginger juice was my miracle potion. Again, when I was diagnosed with PCOS the only option I was given was to was go back on birth control which I believe is directly associated with my hormonal imbalance. So instead I decided to take matters into my own hands and research how to balance hormones naturally. This is all very new to me and I’m only three months in but what I can honestly say from my own personal experience is that everything I’m doing is working fine for me. My thyroid is no longer enlarged which made it difficult for me to swallow or constantly having the feeling of something being stuck in my throat is officially gone. All praises to God!

Developing Intentions

One important thing to consider when doing anything, especially when making life changing decisions is to derive a clear intention. What is your purpose? What is your reasoning behind it? Everything is about intention and energy and how you plan to execute them. If you believe in God you must know that everything is done for a reason. All of the pain associated with illnesses is to test your sincerity. When you wish for healing you have to believe in your heart, that God Alone will heal you. Nothing is beyond the most high’s power! But just because you believe doesn’t mean you don’t have to act. We all give and take energy from all things. By praying and meditating you receive energy for healing.

Conventional VS Alternative

Majority of the population are guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. The FDA regulates and approves the standards without testing for their safety. Are you a guinea pig who takes medication that is known to have more side affects than it does good? Or do you seek knowledge and pick the plants and herbs that have been known by our ancestors which are beneficial. Big Pharma companies don’t care about the best interest of the people. Our best interest is of our own selves, of our own bodies. This is why I am doctoring myself back to health, and you should too! But if you’re uncomfortable with that and feel you need expert advice visit a Naturopathic doctor or herbalist. Trust me, it’s not that expensive out of pocket either. They will work with you!

Wishing you an abundance of health and well being, Peace.


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