tylenolscandalWhen a child is sick, it is the most devastating experience. You want to hold them close and nurture them immediately back to health. Many of us have become so accustomed to pharmaceuticals and it’s the first thing we reach for without ever questioning the risk or its effectiveness. Here’s a reason to avoid them!

IN RECENT BUT CONCEALED NEWS, the brand Tylenol has pleaded guilty on March 10, 2015 to selling Heavy Metal contaminated liquid medicine and will pay a $25 Million settlement. Yes, you’ve read correctly! From 2008-2010 Millions if not Billions were recalled with little to NO media coverage to citizens and consumers. As we know expiration dates on medication is not always an indicator of whether it’s spoiled and many people use them beyond the date. But what’s even more disturbing is that they will continue producing medicine! Our health crisis isn’t the corporations but the government who is bought off. Corporations should no longer get a slap on the risk when it comes to the health of consumers.

INFANTS AND CHILDREN ARE MORE SUSCEPTIBLE by this exposure due to their ongoing development. It is important that children stay protected from things like this as it can affect their biological, psychological, and emotional behavior. Heavy metal exposure may leave a child with intense flu-like symptoms along with metallic taste and discoloration of the tongue and gums. If it is detected immediately call the CDC! Long term effects of heavy metals within children are pretty hard to detect but I believe it does and as a result can lead to immunotoxicity. Immunotoxicity is the bioaccumalation of toxins which can weaken the immune system leaving it vulnerable to future infections.

THE HUMAN BODY IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL IN HEALING ITSELF WHEN THERE IS INFECTION.  Infection is the main reason for getting sick with fevers, which is the body’s natural response to fighting infection. Or having a cold with rapid coughing and sneezing so the body can release the bacteria. Although it may take some time depending on the persons immune system, cold/flu symptoms will normally last between 8-14 days naturally eradicating the cause of infection. I suggest instead of reaching for medications we focus on better nutrition for healthy immune functioning and treating ailments naturally! Click here for natural cold/flu remedies from a doctor.


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