Coffee in Your Anus? Real enema talk.



All squeamish folk, this is not the blog post for you lol! Some people like their coffee orally but I take mines rectally. I’m sure most of you already know of the many health benefits of coffee, at least that’s your excuse to be an addict. Unfortunately for me I love coffee but it doesn’t love me. I have a caffeine sensitivity 😦 However, the spasms that contribute to my sensitivity are not present when taken in the rear. But I do have explosive bouts of crap, literally a pound or two without pain.

Brief History of Enemas
Enemas are nothing new to medicine. In fact, coffee enemas date back to 1500 B.C.. One of the oldest Egyptian medical text, Ebers Papyrus, contained the use of coffee enemas. Evidence was also found in the Dead Sea Scrolls attributing enemas to spiritual purification and in the Merck Manual (practically the medicine bible that all MD’s study) up until the 1970s. Enemas are administered for pain, cancer prevention, liver detoxification, inflammation, constipation etc. 

I came to know of enemas through The Gerson Therapy, a book about alternative approaches to healing cancer. I don’t have cancer but I decided to purchase that book because I wanted to detox my entire body.

Benefits & How it Works


I decided to start cleansing my body regularly back in 2014 when I was having cystic acne associated with my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I started by doing smoothie cleanses which worked temporarily but I was fatigued, bloated and cranky. I did some research and discovered that when doing cleanses the first thing to cleanse should be your colon. Having digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or regular constipation leaves built up waste in the intestinal walls. It would be best to remove the waste first so that when we do detox, we don’t absorb the accumulated toxins along with what we’re purging if the intestines are clogged up.


My first colon cleanse was extremely uncomfortable to keep it in any longer than 5 minutes. I had explosive diarrhea. I also noticed multiple red things floating in the toilet along with mucus. After googling, I learned that the red things were flukes (flat intestinal parasites). I felt horrible the hour I was in the bathroom and it seemed like it would never stop. Then when it did, I felt amazing! I was feeling so gross prior to cleanse and after (showering of course) I felt light, focused, and revitalized. Within a week my skin was brighter and clearer. I did however get some blackheads (a form of purging) which is the complete opposite of my under the skin cystic acne. My energy levels also skyrocketed and the bloating and indigestion went away. 

How to administer a Coffee Enema

  • Buy an enema Kit (Amazon, Google, Ebay, Doesn’t matter), Organic Coffee
  • Mentally prepare and do it on an off day
  • Stay Hydrated
  • I like to drink a mixture of Bentonite Clay for maximum detoxification 2 hrs before administration
  • Set up a comfortable and relaxing place in or near the bathroom (preferably the tub)
  • Add some oil to the enema nozzle… you already know whats next 😉
  • Lie on right side of body (knees to chest)
  • Release lock on nozzle

You will feel gassy but hold it at least for 9 minutes – that way the coffee has circulated through your intestinal walls three times. That’s it!

Because the colon is 5 ft long and enemas only enter the rectum which is about 6 inches, I am planning to get a set of colonic cleanses. Colonic cleanses may be more affective for those suffering with Irritable Bowels, Crohn’s disease or any other digestive issues because it can clean the full 5ft intestines.



FDA Disclaimer: Everything written on this blog is intended for informational purposes and nothing more!







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