Why we all NEED to Ditch TOXIC Cosmetics/Skin-Care Items!!!


Our skin is our largest organ, with that being said we need to pay close attention to what we are putting on it. Toxins are in our cosmetics and toxins are in our food! Toxins are even in the air we breathe so when do we get a say on what we ingest into our bodies?! Well in reality we do. It’s up to us as intellectual human beings to question the safety of the things we consume, even if we think it is something minuscule. We vote with our $$$ so every time we buy something toxin free it lets companies know we’re serious about our health! Remember that.  IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, WHAT GOES ON YOUR SKIN GOES IN YOUR BODY!!! Comprende? Continue reading



One of my favorite shows growing up was Popeye the Sailor Man who always ate spinach when he needed extra strength or to solve a problem. Now we know why! If eating a serving of leafy green vegetables a day could keep your memory and cognition sharp, wouldn’t you eat them? Continue reading


tylenolscandalWhen a child is sick, it is the most devastating experience. You want to hold them close and nurture them immediately back to health. Many of us have become so accustomed to pharmaceuticals and it’s the first thing we reach for without ever questioning the risk or its effectiveness. Here’s a reason to avoid them!

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Screenshot (29)Defining Toxins:

The name of this blog, Against All Toxins, stems from a truth many of us are ignorant to. In our society, the amount of toxins we ingest is dangerous. That is why I am Against All Toxins! As I try to cut my toxic load I believe it is my responsibility as an informed citizen to share the truth with others. So what exactly are toxins you may wonder?  Continue reading